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Individuals with at least 18 years can only access this website. If any person is found violating the terms of use, your information will be deleted from the website and actions will be taken legally against you. All volunteer donors must be fit to donate blood before donating blood. The username and password of the registered donor has to be kept confidential by himself. You are requested to provide accurate information while registering in bloodaid.com or bloodaid.net or bloodaid.org. If any incorrect data provided, you will be responsible for any after effects caused thereafter to the recipient. We suggest a whole body medical check up and a detailed blood test before blood donation. If any activities that cause harm to one’s life, you will then be brought before law to take legal action since it is a social crime. BloodAid / BloodAid Society will not take its responsibility. You may not use BloodAid websites to break any law. If you cause harm to BloodAid / BloodAid Society or any third party, you herby agree to indemnify BloodAid / BloodAid Society from any and all claims, losses and damages including attorney’s fees. Read Privacy policy of BloodAid / BloodAid Society. By creating a profile in bloodaid.com or bloodaid.net or bloodaid.org, you agree not to misrepresent your identity or use any information belonging to anyone else. And you agree that information you provide is accurate.

Use of bloodaid.com or bloodaid.net or bloodaid.org is at your risk. Neither bloodaid.com or bloodaid.net or bloodaid.org nor BloodAid Society offers any guarantee to the completeness and accuracy of the website. We are not responsible for any damages to your computer, telephones, or other device caused by or from access/use of website, whether or not the damage is caused by a virus, or malicious actions of a third party. The services provided in connection with this website are without warranties of any kind. BloodAid Society and bloodaid.com/bloodaid.net/bloodaid.org disclaim any and all liability for this website.

If any of the term is found invalid, you may bring it to our attention. Severe action will be taken. Similarly, if you feel that any aspect of website infringes your intellectual property in any manner, kindly email us to legal@bloodaid.com. BloodAid / BloodAid Society will take legal action against you, if you are found to violate the terms of use. In such case, you agree to pay the attorney fees and costs of all such actions.

These terms of use and any disputes related shall be governed by Laws of the Republic of India. The courts of law of State of Kerala shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes under this agreement. If you have any questions about terms of use or any activities of BloodAid / BloodAid Society, get in touch with us at contact@bloodaid.com.

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